High quality French bread is Eric Kayser specialty and core activity. Eric Kayser produces as well viennoiseries, pastries and gastronomic food around the bread.

Pciture of small breads in a shop


Good bread is made from flour, water, salt, yeast, and infinite doses of loving care.

Eric Kayser offers a broad range of classic and original breads with more than 60 varieties.

All Eric Kayser breads are kneaded, shaped and baked each day in the baking rooms of each of our bakeries.

Picture of Boule Monde bread

The “Monge” family

Monge bread is Eric Kayser’s signature. It is made out of a special flour mix called “Monge mix”. Monge is also the name of a street in Paris 5th, where was first established Maison Eric Kayser in 1996!

Monge breads have a crisp crust and a soft airy centre, a fresh taste with a springy elastic texture that leaves a long-lasting taste in the mouth of cooked

With the baguette Malesherbes, the delicious olive bread, or the original squirrel baguette, Eric Kayser suggests innovative recipes from the Monge dough.

Picture of Batard Rustique bread

The “Rustique” family

Rustique name stands for the very artisanal appearance and taste of this bread.

The Rustique bread is also a special Eric Kayser mix flour made out of buckwheat flour, which gives the bread’s brown color. A subtle taste of dried fruit, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla pods, raisins, freshly crushed almonds and honey; perfect with grilled fish or cheese.

The wide rustique range proposes baguette rustique, batard rustique, big rustique, boule rustique or the famous mini rustique.

Picture of Tourte Meule bread

More traditional!

Eric Kayser produces the traditional “Tourte de Meule” or sourdough bread. The name “Tourte de Meule” is due to the special stone ground (meule) flour it is made of.

This large round loaf leaves  a fresh sensation and honey flavour. We can appreciate its pleasantly strong taste and lasting impression on the taste buds. The “Tourte de meule” goes well with milder dishes, such as lamb cooked in milk or foisgras.

Different flours

Eric Kayser carefully selects the flours from sustainable agriculture. Different kinds are used such as wholewheat and rye flour, to produce the wholewheat bread and rye bread.

Around the world

While traveling, Eric Kayser selected the best recipes to bring more inspiration and creativity to his breads.

Picture of Pain de Mie Japonnais

Pain de mie is the name of the inside part of the bread, as opposed to the outside crust. This bread is so called because it is mainly composed of mie and very little crust.The Japanese recipe is special because of its very special smooth and creamy texture. Also the good conservation of at least 3 days makes this bread famous worldwide. Perfect for breakfast to make jam or honey tartines.

Picture of Viennoise

Viennoise is the name of Austria capital inhabitants. It is one of them who imported in France the idea to introduce butter into bread dough, just as in regular viennoiserie like croissant. The nut and curcuma viennoise by Eric Kayser is one of its famous signature and surprising for its nice yellow color.


The ciabatta is an Italian bread, made with olive oil and famous for sandwiches used.


Ekmek is the Turkish traditional bread, one of the most perfumed and refined bread. It is Eric Kayser bestseller bread in many Asian countries.

Picture of Viennoiseries


Beside the baguette; the croissant is another worldwide known product revised and enhanced by “Eric Kayser”. It is surrounded with a large range of traditional and more exotic products to form the big family of Viennoiseries. This delicacies also benefit from our natural ‘Levain’ and from our loving attention.

Croissant, awarded worldwide!

Made from natural raising agents, premium butter and especially selected flour, Eric Kayser Croissant has won the best croissant in Paris 2009 By Le Figaro. Then followed by Best Croissant of Tokyo, New York, and Singapore.

  • Chocolate croissant
  • Chocolate plié danish
  • Bichon
  • Pain au raisin
  • Apple turnover
  • Almond croissant
  • Almond chocolate croissant
Picture of pastries


French pastries are the other passion of Eric Kayser. Therefore, we devote the same attention as for breads to guarantee taste and freshness through daily preparation and very limited shelf lives.

A crisp crust that melts in your mouth, top quality ingredients and lots on inventiveness, that recipe is shared by all of our creations. For the rest, everyone has their gourmet secret that strive to discover.

For Tart lovers! Eric Kayser proposes a large choice of delicious tarts such as Lemon tart, Chocolate & pear tart, Abricot & Pistachio tart, Raspberry Tart, Monge tart and Chocolate & hazelnut tart.

Picture of a sandwich


Sandwiches, Fougasses & more

Top ingredient quality and craftsmanship to create top of the line products!

Sandwiches and fougasses are prepared with freshly baked Eric Kayser bread and fresh greeneries and ingredients

Sandwiches and Fougasses:
  • Le Parisien (Monge bread & ham)
  • Le Monge (Monge bread & ham & cheese)
  • Caprese (Olive bread & mozzarella & pesto)
  • Le Poulet (Rustique bread & chicken & pesto)
  • Fougasse Olive
  • Fougasse Tomato Mozzarella
  • Fougasse Auvergnate (blue cheese, walnut)
  • And much more !