The French baguette is famous all over the world, and Maison Kayser has its own reknown version of this famous bread. Developed with natural leaven and ancestral ways of fabrication, the taste and quality of our breads contribute greatly to Maison Kayser's worldwide reputation.

To recognize our traditional bread, look for the crunchy golden crust, the honeycombed and soft inside, and the subtle and distinct sour aromas.

Bread close up

Give time to time

All Eric Kayser breads are made of natural leaven and special mixes of premium flours that make them so unique.

The bread rests for 12 hours before baking. This long fermentation period is the key for the development of living elements that create various distinct flavors.

The dough is slowly hand kneaded and baked all day long by highly-skilled Maison Kayser chefs, so that you can always enjoy the heat and freshness of crusty out-of-the-oven products.

But what is Natural Leaven?

Natural leaven’s dough is made out of flour, water, eventually salt and submitted to a natural acid fermentation, to assure the rise of the dough.

Tips to recognize bread made with natural leaven:

  • Dense and irregular crumb
  • Big holes
  • Thicker and crusty crust
  • Better elasticity
  • Creamy color
And what are the interests of Natural Leaven?

The natural leaven allows a natural fermentation and very natural products (no chemical yeast vs industrial breads)

The taste is better; richer sour and balanced flavors, aromas diversity.The use of natural leaven gives this “natural and authentic look”, with a better texture and appearance.

It allows a better conservation due to higher acidity, which is very important especially in humid and hot countries, where the food conservation is usually more difficult.

And last but not least, it is good for your health and brings nutrition contribution; a better digestion.

How natural leaven is used?

It is used in the fabrication of breads, croissants and brioches dough. There are 2 kinds of leaven:

Liquid leaven: 100% hydration
  • Used for 95% of Eric Kayser recipes
  • It gives a mild milk and hazelnut flavor
Hard leaven: 50% hydration
  • Used for sourdough Bread (Tourte de Meule)
  • Stronger sour flavor
Picture of Fermontolevain machine

The Leaven processor

Picture of Fermontolevain machine

Fermentolevain was created by Eric Kayser in 1992 in collaboration with Patrick Castagna.

It is a smart machine that assures the best conditions (temperature, humidity…) which in turn, helps to produce the best leaven. Indeed, the leaven is very fragile and needs daily care.

The Fermentolevain machine has been specially imported from France to Phnom Penh, to be able to produce in our bakery the natural leaven, which is the heart of all our recipes.