“Good bread does not lie: it says everything about the quality of its ingredients and know-how of its creator. A true baker performs a miracle everyday: Transforming simple elements, water, yeast, salt and flour into complex and varied flavours. So, that’s my passion which I would like to share and communicate to other craftsmen across France and the world.”

- Eric Kayser -

Eric Kayser checking leaven

Who is Eric Kayser?

Son, grandson, great-grandson of French bakers, Eric Kayser is not only a passionate artisan. The man is a worldwide company head who has put all his energy along the past 15 years to promote bread dear to his heart, and explore it as a gastronomic product.

Inventor of the Fermentolevain, food books writer and trainer at the French National Institute of Baking and Patisserie, Eric Kayser has combined many activities before opening his first Bakery in 1996, or the first stone of a thrilling concept.

Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser

From Alsace region, in the north east of France
Professional profile:
  • Baker chef since 1986
  • A Compagnon of the Tour de France (association of French craftsmen travelling around the country)
  • Writer
    • Pains, Evolution et Traditions, INBP (1993)
    • 100% Pain, Solar (2006)
    • Beyond the Bread Basket, Flammarion (2007)
    • Larousse du Pain, Larousse (2013)
    • New French recipes, Flammarion
    • Eric Kayser's sweet and savoury Tarts, Flammarion
  • Bakery trainer at the National Institute of Bakery and Pastry, auditing, advising and teaching his know-how
  • Founder-Owner of Maison Eric Kayser since 1996

First in Paris

The first bakery Rue Monge

The first store was established in September 1996, Rue Monge (Paris 5th) that gave its name to the signature “baguette Monge” and then the “Monge Family”.

The opening of its first address was followed by many artisan stores in Paris and around the world.

Maison Eric Kayser is now part of the Parisian landscape with 23 stores in Paris in 2014.

The expansion became worldwide in 2001, with the first opening in Japan. There are now 100 stores in 20 countries, with the same principle of natural leavened bread, kneaded and freshly baked at the stores.

World map of Maison Kayser shops

In France as in every country Maison Eric Kayser has opened bakeries; the bread is a true refined product that defends its core values:

French Tradition & authenticity: use liquid natural leaven, slow hand kneaded, long fermentation process and baking in a furnace

Craftsman know-how: French chefs trained by Maison Kayser in Paris

Modernity and creativity: fit modern expectations and adapt local tastes all over the world

Nutrition: guarantee freshness, use natural ingredients from sustainable agriculture, no preservatives nor additives in all our products

Gastronomy: promote French original breads to food-lovers all over the world & associate bread with noble and high quality ingredients

  • One Criteria: Taste
  • One Requirement: Quality and Creativity
  • One Objective: to be Unique
Focus on Cambodia in South East Asia map

Now in Cambodia

Eric Kayser is now established in Cambodia, since June 2014

The first Bakery shop opened in Aeon Mall, Phnom Penh, at the same time as the mall opening.

2 French Chefs trained by Maison Eric Kayser joined the Cambodian team. They started their Cambodian journey by 2 weeks at PSE institute (Pour un Sourir d’Enfant), where they discovered the Cambodian culture and they trained the youth that was part of the restaurant training program. It was for them an enriching and memorable experience. Then, they set up the production site and trained the new Cambodian staff.

Picture of cambodian hands preparing dough

The production team is trained by the French Chefs. The transmission of Eric Kayser passion and savoir-faire is the key of Maison Eric Kayser success worlwide.

The production site is situated at Aeon Mall; the perfect location to be able to supply all day long the Café and Restaurant, both at Aeon Mall. Most of the machines, such as the Fermentolevain to produce the leaven or the oven, have been imported from France. The bakery respects the European norms, which assure a perfect hygiene and quality on our products.